Bangkok Style

3 october 15 :


You got it, we had the most luxurious first couch surfing ever : rooftop pool and beach, hammam and spa, pool tables, rooftop lounge, several pools with different atmospheres… that was a great start to our road trip in Malaysia. And our couchsurfer was super nice ! We decided to see each other again, to cook sushis together (he’s Japanese) ! I can’t wait 🙂 But other adventures were awaiting : we took a flight to Bangkok, and had a bit of a hard time finding our next couch surfer’s house, and ended up in a totally different atmosphere : a lot more « real », with two really thin mattresses put on the floor in a small room, with shared kitchen, and bathroom & toilets in the same room (toilets in the bathroom with no flush, no toilet paper). We also like couchsurfing for that : we actually live like the people in the country, see their actual lifestyle, and get to know them. But I must admit, the transition was a biiit rough ! x)


We discussed a little with Poom, who is a super nice and welcoming woman ! Then, we headed to the famous night market, to grab something to eat and visit the market a little. We first had a meal which really wasn’t good (and we are always checking how it’s made because we are really afraid of getting sick !), and had a second one, which was a lot better. A woman stopped us in the street to ask us if we wanted a massage, that was really cheap and sounded awesome ! However, we decided to wait for the next time we will come to Bangkok to have massages. We got back to Poom’s house, and went to sleep.

The next day, we went to MBK, a huge commercial center, where we’ve spent the whole day basically ! We looked for a camera for me in the morning, found one (youhou!), and spent the afternoon hang in around in the shopping center. There were fake Iphones, Bose and Beats practically everywhere (I had to make sure my camera was not a fake one !), and they are absolutely not ashamed of that. We asked some of the sales men if they were real beats headphones (there was a box and everything!), and they were like « no no, but good copy, good quality » :). We also asked them how they succeeded in copying iPhones (and especially the iPhone 6), and they told us they were android softwares, because iPhone softwares could not be copied.
Anyway, after too many hours into that shopping center , I just couldn’t think anymore, and felt my brain had been washed or something. There were so so many little shops everywhere selling the exact same thing that you could look left, right, in front of you or behind, you would always see the same thing, with salesmen asking you if you want anything, and promising you this product is « good quality ». I felt so lost and was dying to get out !

We then came back to Poom’s house, went to eat something (always rice / noodles, with pork or chicken) to the night market, and came back home. On the way, I asked Poom about her beauty tricks (she looks really young), and okay, her 2 hours of yoga/day might do the trick, buuut just in case, I asked her if she had any masks or anything she put on her face, and we made a mask together (which came from Korea :)).

To sum it all up, we haven’t seen much of Bangkok except for the night market and MBK, and we will definitely come back before going to Indonesia, and see more of it !


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