Siem Reap (Cambodia)

So here we go ! Cambodia, here we come. We were not really supposed to visit Cambodia, but it was on the way so we thought « why not ? » ! With the little time we had, we’ve just made one night in Siem Reap, which is great because the biggest (and probably most impressive) religious construction is located in Siem Reap, and it looks amazing ! (check out the photos !).

IMG_0037 r

We arrived in Siem Reap and discovered soon enough that even in this huge Cambodian city, poverty is omnipresent. And I’m pretty sure, it’s really okay compared to other places in Cambodia. But seeing this just made me feel like I took a huge step out of my comfort zone, like I did not belong here at all, a bit like I was just the big fat tourist coming here to take advantage of those people. I don’t know exactly what happened in my head actually, and I think it was the mix of being exhausted, feeling I did not belong, like I might actually be the regular tourist, seeing the poverty that I thought would be less hard to see, but I started crying. And this is pretty stupid because those people may be really happy with what they have, a lot more than I could be with what I have. But whatever, I started crying. In a tuktuk. Could have chosen a better place, I’ll admit that x). So we decided to take some time off with Antho, for me to rest and figure out what went wrong. 

The tutuk got lost several time before getting to our couch surfers’ place, and the moment we stopped to get out of the tuktuk, it started raining so so hard ! We had to run with the backpacks to the living room of the couchsurfer, and when it stopped raining, he lead us to our room. New shock, the living conditions are so much worse than what we experienced in Thailand ! It’s all very dirty, with spiders everywhere, the bathroom is made of 4 walls, 1 turkist toilet, and a small bowl in a big bowl for the shower. And it all stinked. Add that to a couchsurfer who told us that some guys were supposed to sleep here as well but he will kick them out, so that this room would be ours. We thought that was a bit weird, but whatever, it was more his problem than ours. Antho & I decided to take some time to rest and basically do nothing, since I clearly needed some time off and he wanted to rest as well, and it was pouring rain anyway.

What we did not expect what the whole room to get flooded, with an amazing smell that came along with the rain, and mosquitoes enjoying the free food in our semi-dry room. We put a lot of anti-mosquitoes spray and were waiting for the rain to stop, when the two guys our couch surfer was supposed to kick out arrived saying « what’s up dude? Is that your room as well ? Are we going to be 4 persons in this bed tonight ? ». Weeeellllll… Don’t know… Weird position hello ! So we didn’t say anything, we started discussing with them, thinking our host will come and tell us how we’ll figure things out later. Antho & the American guy started putting the water out of the room while the 3 of us were discussing. He’s been traveling for more than a year, and it sounds awesome ! I’m impressed by this kind of person, and aspire a little to being that independent and daring. After the rain stopped a little, we decided to go get some food (I was starviiing !!), and only found street food, that sold spring rolls, meatballs and papaya salad. I know it sounds amazing, especially to my empty stomach at the time, but when it arrived, it was all a bit different. None of us were sure we could trust the food and not get sick, and it wasn’t really good. Well, I really didn’t like it, so I ate 2 meatballs, and half a spring roll, and decided to stop there. Stomach, you’ll have to be alright with that. The others ate, and none of us was sick because of that. After that, we came back to the house because I was having a headache, after telling our « roomates » the truth about the shared room, and that we’ll figure something out. We discussed a bit with them, found a solution for the room, when they came back and we felt asleep. We decided to go see the Angkor Temples the next day at 4AM to see the sunrise.

IMG_0157 r IMG_0089

Point is : I have headaches when I am crazy tired (which I was), and they only go away if I sleep enough. I didn’t sleep at all. See the link here ? Antho woke up at 4AM like we were supposed to, and I was suffering so bad. But I couldn’t do anything about it, I already took a medicine, couldn’t take more and I just could not sleep. So after discussing a bit, we decided to go anyway. I was going to suffer anyway, at least I would suffer & see the greatest temples. I just forgot that the next step to my headache was puking… which I did… when i entered the temple. So basically, while everyone just come as tourists in those amazing temple, I decided to be little different, and vomit in it ! x) (well, in the grass behind it, let’s not be too gross!) Amazing !

IMG_0034 r     IMG_0143    After not seeing the sunrise because of the clouds (it was raining, that was already great !), we saw a first temple, got half attacked by monkeys, before I told Antho I just couldn’t take it and that I was going to find a place somewhere in the temple to try to sleep. And then, our tuktuk driver offered to let me sleep in his tuktuk while Antho would visit the other temples. So after crying in a tuktuk, being sick in a tuktuk, I was sleeping in a tuktuk. Kinda feeling I have a special link with tuktuks at some point – but not the greatest kind apparently ! x)



We came back to the house after seeing one last temple together at 10AM. And then I slept for 5 hours in a row, and still woke up with the f-¨%king headache. I was willing to live a little, so I took another medicine and discussed with our new super-cool-canadians « roomates ». They taught us how to play freesby (which is a lot more complicated than you would think), and they were crazy good at it !

Our host and another surfer came to play with us and it was really funny. After a while, I noticed my headache was gone – relieved !

Then we waited for the night to go eat to a restaurant with our host and another surfer, and watch traditional dances.



 It was great to watch the shows (although one girl was really pissed off to another one of the group and you could clearly see it !), and to hear the stories of the other surfer – who is 21 but has lived like 3 lives more than I did x). He told us about the time he had taken a special plant that purifies your body (Ayahuasca), and makes you feel every important feeling you have ever had, and about some other self-introspecting situation he had been into. Crazy interesting and just crazy x)


Then we took a bus to our next destination : a cute island I read about with almost no tourist and only local communities, beach and forest. Sounds perfect for some days, I truly need some time off.


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