The road in Asia

I’ve chosen to do an article on the road in Asia. I know this might not be something you would expect but there is soo much to say about it, and how different it is from Europe, so I HAVE TO write about this ! And the road here has been a hell of an adventure already (and we haven’t even driven a car or motocycles yet).

So in South East Asia (and especially in Vietnam and Cambodia from what we’ve seen), there is basically NO rule on the road. At all. Like you can go where the heck you want. People generally drive left or right, but if you feel like going the other way, no one will honk the horn at you or look at you weirdly.

(malaysia : they drive on the wrong side :))

Crossing the road feels like starting a video game where you are supposed to run between cars, and reach the other side without being hit. Okay, they do avoid you as they can, but man, that gave me thrills !

There are so many motocycles (mainly scooters), a lot more than cars. And I will introduce you to a new concept : family scooters. The exact same scooter we have in Europe for like 2 persons max, but with baby1, dad, baby2, mum on it ! Driving just like my family and I used to go picnic in the car.

but are used by families as well, which create funny situations on the road, like a scooter with – front to end of scooter – 1rst child then dad, then 2nd child then mum on the scooter. Like the exact same scooters we use in Europe for 2 people max. Okay, children are not so tall, so they might count for 1/2, but still ! And you know when my family & I used to go picnic in the park, we took the car and the 4 of us would drive until the parc, well, this is their family cars.


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